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Wheel of the Year for Children 2019

This group for children age 6-12 gathers for the 8 major seasonal holidays, most of which are familiar to us all. Each session includes a snack, a craft devoted to the theme of the holiday, a story about the holiday, altar creation, and a brief ritual with singing and candle-lighting.
There are 8 major holidays in the Wheel of the Year, spaced approximately 6 weeks apart. The 2 Equinoxes are Spring-Ostara and Fall-Mabon, and the 2 Solstices are Summer-Litha and Winter-Yule. The cross-quarter holidays occur in between an Equinox and a Solstice, and include Samhain in October, Imbolc in February, Beltane in May, and Lughnasadh in August.
Contact me at for more information or to register.
Location: Berkeley

Fee: $30/session

Register at least a week in advance of session: please email
For working with children, I use and recommend Starhawk, Diane Bake and Anne Hill’s excellent book Circle Round Raising Children in the Goddess Tradition.

Imbolc: Friday, February 1 from 4:00 to 6:00pm


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Ritual Group for Teens

This group for 13 to 17 year olds focuses on setting intentions, visualizing positive developments, group bonding, and participatory rituals for the waning and waxing moons. Many cultures and spiritual traditions honor the moon and the energies of different points in the cycle, so this class is open to teens from any religious perspective.  We experience the cycles together and bring in craft, song, poetry, theater, and candle magic to co-create beautiful, transformative moments.

Typical gatherings include check in and craft, visualization and journaling, preparation of altar for ritual, and participatory ritual focused on moon cycle with calling the corners, invoking Goddess archetypes, lighting candles, and expressing gratitude. There will be one classes on candle-making, herbal tinctures, and magical soaps.

No experience necessary. Just open minds and hearts and a willingness to offer talents to group ritual. Contact me at for more information or to register.

Location: Berkeley

Exchange: $250 for 6 sessions


Introduction to Ritual for Women

6  evenings from 6:30 to 9:00pm

No classes currently scheduled.

For curious spiritual seekers:
Have you desired a safe space to ask spiritual questions in a group of supportive women? Join this beginner’s exploration of a beautiful tradition of service, healing, and personal transformation. The skills you gain will give you the confidence to fully participate in a variety of rituals and to define and refine your personal spiritual practice. A session with the teacher will allow you to discuss questions, issues, or revelations that arise during the course. This course is designed to stand alone or to serve as the foundation for a year-long Apprenticeship.

Week 1: Overview

Week 2: Intention, Attention, and Ethics

Week 3: Altar-Building and The Four Sacred Elements

Week 4: Cycles of the Moon and Sun

Week 5: The Goddess Invoked

Final Week: Participatory Moon Ritual

Location: Berkeley

Exchange: $300


Wheel of the Year for Women: “Developing your earth-based spiritual practice”

Second Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm plus Solstice, Equinox, and Cross-quarter rituals.

Group starting on March 2, 2019.

“The year and a day apprenticeship was a life changing journey of growth and discovery, where I was able to find and become my most authentic self, supported by the bonds of sisterhood. Carolyn is a truly amazing teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom are matched only by her kindness and open heart.”
In this Apprenticeship, we experience the Wheel of the Year together—the planting, growth, and harvest of our dreams, desires, and aspirations–and enjoy the bonds of sisterhood. We tune into the mysticism of Nature and the Goddess, align with the divinity of our own beings, and expand our compassionate political consciousness. We learn together in a workshop format (individual check-in, lecture and discussion, visualizations and ritual) and celebrate Full and Dark Moon and Cross-Quarter holidays. Students are encouraged to participate in and help present public rituals on the quarterly Sabbats and to complete up to 3 hours of assignments each month.

1. Introduction to Feminist Wicca class or comparable education/experience (familiarity with ethics and women’s circles)., 2. Maturity level conducive to intensive spiritual growth, and, 3. Commitment to pursue a Feminist Wiccan path.
Joining this Apprenticeship represents significant emotional, psychological and logistical commitment. We are together for 6-9 hours/month (with approximately 3 hours/month of homework) and so I encourage everyone to be on time and to do your best to show up physically and emotionally. Likely, during your process, you will experience a range of emotions appropriate to deep personal transformation. Your commitment to Apprenticeship means a willingness to be present with these feelings and to express them appropriately.

Exchange: $1,800


Priestess Training Program

No groups currently planned.

The Priestess path is a call to service. A Priestess is a leader in her own life, and serves the Earth through service to her community. A Priestess of the Feminist Wicca Tradition helps women on their path to the Goddess and to themselves, and is both perpetual student and willing teacher.

I offer a Priestess Training in Feminist Wicca program to prepare initiated women for paths of service as ritualists, teachers and healers. The program will involve defining and refining an individual project, along with a core curriculum of classes in moving energy, ritual design and facilitation, group process, and dance and drum. The program will last for a Year and a Day and will culminate in ordination into the Feminist Wiccan tradition.
Prerequisites include 1. initiation into the Feminist Wiccan tradition 2. desire to serve the larger community 3. admittance by instructor.

The Priestess Trainee will also participate in the co-creation and co-facilitation of the eight Sabbat rituals. This includes public rituals for Solstices and Equinoxes and the cross quarter rituals for the smaller community of Apprentices and Initiates.

· Monthly Gatherings
· 8 Shabbat Rituals
· Independent Study and Project
· Mentor Meetings
· Ritual Priestessing at Sabbats, Cross-Quarters
· Written Reflections and Tailored Readings

Exchange: $2,000

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