Personal Intention Rituals

Get Un-Stuck. And Bring Magic to Your Life.

I help you resolve a professional, relationship, or health problem–from the past or present–by clarifying your needs and intention, accessing deeper sources of information through guided imagery, and facilitating a customized ritual to energize the issue. Whether you’re confused or crystal clear about your next step, stuck at a cross-roads or ready to charge forward, ritual works like nothing else to set you on the best possible course to reach your goals.

I work with you to tailor a ritual to your specific needs in order to address a problem, bless a personal transition, attract positive developments in an area of your life, or to release an attachment that’s weighing you down. We utilize altar-building, prayers, and candle-lighting to co-create an experience that’s fun and freeing and moves you toward your goals. Using only the highest ethical precepts–intending for the good of all–within a compassionate and loving space, a personal ritual becomes a gentle, yet powerful, nudge in exactly the right direction.

I’ve helped people address the following issues in their lives: heal a family rift, attract a healthy new love, commit to a professional course of action, attract the right kind of business, move gracefully through divorce, open to new love, and much more. References available.

From a recent session: “Two days after our private session i want to let you know that it was one of the most valuable hours I have ever spent.  I felt very moved at the time of the session but even more amazing, the issues we addressed have shifted.  As I notice the change I wonder what happened. Things seem to be moving toward a better channel.  And the more I notice it the shifts are reinforced.”

I look forward to serving as your Village Witch!

Exchange: $125 for 75-minute session

“Big Transition Package” of 4 sessions to help you move through a complex process: $425 ($500 value)

From a recent Big Transition session: “I had been seeking ways to care for myself, and to make space for and move through the difficult emotions I have been experiencing in the face of the significant divorce-related adversity I have been confronting.  I decided to try personal ritual as a potential way forward.  Carolyn listened deeply as I explained my circumstances and desires.  She crafted a beautiful ritual in real time that created space for me to vision a place of safety and spaciousness, and showed me how I can return to that place whenever I am called to go there.  She then invited me to vision intentions for myself, and we used ritual to bring those intentions into the room.  I left feeling deeply understood, supported, and – most incredibly – newly liberated.”