The word Ritual is likely derived from the Sanskrit Ritu, meaning Season, and indeed rituals often honor the changing seasons. According to many definitions and common usage, Ritual also refers to doing things in a prescribed way for a specific religious purpose. Ritual is used secularly, as well, to describe things we do on a regular basis that provide comfort and satisfaction, like morning coffee.

However, for me and many others, the word ritual describes a dynamic and essential human activity that involves three basic components: 1. the creation of sacred space (different from everyday space) by honoring deep values and visions; 2. performing work within that sacred space by articulating a clear intention for the betterment of all; and, 3. affirming the beauty and joy of life on this planet by igniting all 5 human senses with song, movement, scent, color, and special foods. When these 3 things are present, we have Ritual.

Rituals open portals between this world and other realms, between one season and the next, between one phase of life and the next, between individuals, and between the past you’ve experienced and the future you’re moving toward. There is some work only rituals can accomplish–naming, marking, honoring, thanking, envisioning, and crossing through these significant doorways. Our world needs more ritual to increase mental, emotional, spiritual health and wholeness, and to heal communities and the earth.

I am called to convene sacred circles for manifesting positive life changes, marking significant moments, and providing you with the tools and skills to live a deeply meaningful life, regardless of your religious background. I have worked with hundreds of clients and students over 15 years and look forward to helping you experience the deep joy that is your birthright.

Ways to Work with Me

I provide a continuum of ways to work with me and access this Beauty.

1. Come to a Community Ritual! I offer seasonal rituals for women and children at Terra’s Temple. These are drop-in, donation events that give you a taste of my style and the power of sacred space.

2. 20-minute Discovery Conversation. Chat with me about your needs and wants and ask me any questions about my work and offerings. No obligations, no worries. Contact me at to set up an appointment.

3. Set up a Personal Intention Session. You get my full attention (and that of the Goddess!) for 75 minutes.

4. Enjoy a Rite of Passage for you or your family. I hold the structure, logistics, and spiritual space so you can receive enormous blessings from your community and Ancestors as you move through a life transition.

5. Send your kids and teens to my seasonal ritual classes toenjoy sacred space and develop their own fun spiritual practices.

6. Participate in an Introduction Class for Women. For a small investment, you learn ritual basics to do your own magic and explore a new path.

7. Develop your own practice and build spiritual community with Wheel of the Year for Women.

8. Refine and develop your call to the Priestess path of service with Priestess Training.

Blessed Be!