Weddings and Rites of Passage

Same Sex Weddings

EveCaroGretchI have facilitated numerous same-sex and opposite sex legal weddings and commitment ceremonies, and am able to perform legal weddings throughout the country as an ordained Wiccan priestess in my tradition and through the American Priestess program of Belladonna Sanctuary.

I believe that the ceremony should be the heart of these rite-of-passage and community-building events, but is often overshadowed by the logistics of gathering a large group and the stress inherent in bridging people from various parts of the couple’s lives. Therefore, I am committed to honoring the intent of the couple being joined by discussing hopes and fears, needs and vision, and emerging with a series of moments that express values, reflect inner lives, and bridge differences. Inevitably, the process of planning a wedding and co-creating a ceremony will raise a variety of emotions. During our sessions, we discuss and work through concerns and anxieties, and view them as a critical part of the process of taking¬† this significant life leap.

Opposite Sex Weddings

I specialize in co-creating and facilitating multi-faith and non-religious services, emphasizing the community-building aspects of weddings by setting attendees at ease through humor and clear explanations. As a Wiccan, I utilize nature imagery that is appealing and accessible to people from a variety of religious traditions and spiritual paths. I am a seasoned facilitator and am able to respond to last-minute changes and to the needs of the moment.

I believe that wedding and commitment ceremonies, ideally, should result in profound lasting personal transformation for the couple and tighter bonds with the couple’s communities. I focus on opening hearts so that all present experience a deeper joy when they return to their daily lives.

Rites of Passage

Failure to acknowledge significant life changes through ritual is common in our modern society and can result in feelings of emptiness, isolation, and a vague sense of loss. Honoring significant moments helps us understand and incorporate change at all levels–psychological, emotional, spiritual–and helps us live our everyday lives with deeper joy and more open hearts.

The ceremonies I have developed and facilitated in the past include: Expecting Mom Blessings, Baby Blessings, Coming of Age for boys and girls, Retirement Rituals, Croning Rituals, House Cleansings and Blessings, and many more.


We have a no-obligation phone conversation and provide you with a time estimate. If we decide to move forward, working with me typically involves 1 or 2 planning and counseling sessions, ceremony outline development and coordination, phone and email contact, and officiating on the day of the ceremony. I require a minimum of 1 month lead time in order to deliver the deepest possible experience.

Fee: $100/hour

To set up a no-obligation 20-minute discovery phone call and/or to receive references, please email me at

Here is the opening of a recent ceremony I had the privilege to officiate.

Certificate to Perform Legal Weddings

Certificate to Perform Legal Weddings