R1-04161-0016I help people live more fully, deeply, and authentically by facilitating customized personal and rite of passage rituals and by leading students along a beautiful earth-honoring path of healing and service.

For the past 20 years, I have offered Wiccan classes and training (Introduction, Year and a Day Apprenticeship, and Priestess Training) and have facilitated hundreds of rite-of-passage rituals on both coasts. I work with individuals to focus and ritualize their intentions and initiate and coordinate collaborations with women from other Earth-based traditions, such as Bay Area Rising, a partner with Eve Ensler’s VDay organization to combat violence against women and girls around the world.

I am a Wiccan priestess, trained at the Artemis Institute in Sebastopol, CA, and ordained to perform legal weddings and provide hospital visitations throughout the country by the eco-feminist American Priestess ministry. I hold a bachelors degree in “Literature and Theory of Outsiders in American Society,” a minor in Spanish language, and a Masters Degree in public administration. In addition, I have an extensive background in theatre and comedic performance.

I volunteer my services in a number of contexts, including providing Guided Imagery for low-income women living with cancer at the exceptional Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic in Oakland and San Francisco.

In addition, I am honored to have been mentioned in 4 excellent non-fiction books: Susan Jane Gillman’s hilarious Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress (yes, I married this couple!), Erika Dillman’s ground-breaking The Party of Your Life: Get the Funeral You Want by Planning it YourselfJanelle Orsi’s The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, & Build Community,and, most recently, I am acknowledged in Naomi Klein’s tour de force This Changes Everything.

I am particularly skilled at helping individuals create rite of passage rituals that reflect their values and spirituality, and work with many  who are not religiously affiliated, yet feel a deep need to acknowledge significant life changes. Those I work with tend to value the Earth, honor women leaders and healers, and embrace intuition as central to leading a full life.

I bring wisdom to my work, accumulated through years of academic analysis, studying earth-based spirituality, feminist organizing, and building closeknit communities. I specialize in convening sacred and playful circles to heal wounds, generate hope, and manifest individual and group vision. I help groups go deep and stay light, and importantly, heal with humor.

Everyone has a calling. For me, it’s showing you how to experience the life you are called to live with reverence and joy. Please contact me at info@carolynhuntrituals.com