What Others Say


I can honestly say you have changed my life!I always have known freedom was important to me but when I met you I was seeking a sort of freedom that is rather self destructive and had more to do with ego than soul. You showed me a freedom that is instead self- empowering, as well as healthy, uplifting, and aligning. It is a freedom that is driven by my soul instead of driving me away from it. You gave me the space to experience and explore what that soul place means, offered up the tools to put it in practice and helped me foster the confidence to share it with my friends and community. You have taught me how to mark the changing seasons of the moon, the year, and of my life, with ritual, gathering, and intention setting. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way! You feel like family to me and I love you!”

–Teen Student


Weddings and Rites of Passages

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for a beautiful ceremony.  It was really meaningful and I think it achieved everything we wanted. You are a gentle yet commanding presence and did a wonderful job.  It was a joy to work with you.
With gratitude,

We were absolutely thrilled to have Carolyn officiate our wedding for us. She not only performed a beautiful service which delighted a very diverse and difficult to please group of guests, but she also took so much responsibility before the event that we had almost nothing to worry about ourselves. I can’t imagine anyone filling this role better than Carolyn did.”


“Thank you so so so much for your incredible warmth. You made the day feel heartfelt and special for us. The ceremony was so beautiful and so real, and it helped us completely forget about all the anxiety, stress and anticipation we’ve felt during the planning. It will remain a very beautiful memory forever.”

–Paulina, newlywed

“Thank you for leading us in such a beautiful and empowering ritual. Your energy is the perfect blend of empowering without being overpowering. You worked so well with us (a relatively large group you’d never met before). You made the event really special. I’m so glad I found you. Thank you!!!”

–D.L., newlywed

“We love you!
your work is really powerful! your ceremonies are transformational!
thank you!!”
–Merrill, new mommy

“…The elements were in full force and the location for the ritual could not have been better. The crashing of the waves, the heat of both the sun and fire, the cool air and the solid rocks all seemed to join forces to create an elemental experience guided by your expert priestessing…”

–Kate, 50th Birthday Ritual


Classes and Training

Ahhh wow I can’t tell you how good coming to your home always feels!!
You are so amazing for not only introducing me to a whole new way of thinking and spiritually acting but for then providing the sacred special loving space for my friends and I to get to practice it and other tools and bring it into our own lives.

So thank you!!!! “


“Thank you! Carolyn for offering such a wonderful opportunity for our girls! Indigo had a blast and looks forward to more! I love that you are providing this unique & special experience for our girls.”

–Mom of 11 year old

“I got so much from Carolyn’s Intro to Feminist Wicca course. After taking the course I felt re-inspired to pursue my own spiritual path and confident to include elements of rituals we learned about into my own practice. I am very pleased in particular with the way I’ve learned to create an altar, practicing candle magic, setting intentions, and developing personal relationships with the Goddesses we learned about that spoke to me. I feel much more in tune with the waxing and waning of the moon, and comfortable and familiar with seasonal celebrations. Carolyn created a safe and loving space and is an exquisite and generous teacher.”

–Sylvie Nalezny

“Carolyn’s teaching style and personality are the keys to her remarkable ability to honor her students’ beliefs and life experiences, and create safety for inquiry and examination of topics that may initially feel unconventional and/or different. Carolyn is one of the most honorable and honoring people I’ve had the pleasure to know. She is exceedingly honest, wise and willing to share her own journey (obstacles and triumphs) as an authentic teacher who walks the path with her students, never “lecturing from on high.”"

–Laura, Apprentice

“Carolyn has a vast  knowledge of Feminist Wicca, the ancient wisdom of the goddesses which is all too often neglected in religious theology and education, having studied and practiced for many years and been ordained since 2000. She weaves her knowledge of Wicca with ritual to create loving, healing and supportive communities, like the one I am a part of, and teaches in her classes how others can do the same.”

–Cile, Student

“The year and a day apprenticeship was a life changing journey of growth and discovery, where I was able to find and become my most authentic self, supported by the bonds of sisterhood. Carolyn is a truly amazing teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom are matched only by her kindness and open heart.”


“I am beholden to my teacher Carolyn for much in my life. Through her ethical teachings and continuing support I walk the priestess path.”



Personal Intention Rituals

“My session with Carolyn was incredibly powerful and grounding.  I had woken up with a heavy heart and chest.  After my session I felt much lighter, clearer, and had a sense of homecoming. The pain that I had experienced had lifted. Carolyn is a calm, grounded and fun guide with great attunement, clarity and allowing space for co-creation.  I highly recommend her.”

–Nicki Koethner, MFT

“Everyone should have a little Carolyn in their pocket to carry around and make them feel good!”


“I had been seeking ways to care for myself, and to make space for and move through the difficult emotions I have been experiencing in the face of the significant divorce-related adversity I have been confronting.  I decided to try personal ritual as a potential way forward.  Carolyn listened deeply as I explained my circumstances and desires.  She crafted a beautiful ritual in real time that created space for me to vision a place of safety and spaciousness, and showed me how I can return to that place whenever I am called to go there.  She then invited me to vision intentions for myself, and we used ritual to bring those intentions into the room.  I left feeling deeply understood, supported, and – most incredibly – newly liberated.

It’s been several weeks since the ritual. I continue to derive strength and capacity from the experience I had with Carolyn. I am using the incredible tools she helped me to create for myself.  I am stronger and more spacious within myself. This feels transformational.   

I look forward to returning to Carolyn whenever I am at a personal inflection point, or just need to be re-grounded in that knowledge that I have everything I need to thrive.”


“Hi Carolyn,
Two days after our private session i want to let you know that it was one of the most valuable hours I have ever spent.  I felt very moved at the time of the session but even more amazing, the issues we addressed have shifted.  As I notice the change I wonder what happened. Things seem to be moving toward a better channel.  And the more I notice it the shifts are reinforced.

I had no idea what I was getting into but my intuition made me consult with you.  You were so casual and fun and more was accomplished with you than a myriad of other processes I have tried.

Thank you for offering these private sessions.

PS  You Rock!

“As soon as I met Carolyn Hunt I got the feeling that this woman is special. When she offered to work with me, I was intrigued by what she does. I was curious and asked if I could work on a specific issue. Without hesitating, she said ‘Yes!’
I really enjoyed that she explained the steps we would take for the ritual. Carolyn is a phenomenal listener and I felt incredibly cared for throughout the whole process.
She really knows how to bring in the magic and I loved her childlike enthusiasm.
I was able to really move forward after the deep healing I experienced from working with Carolyn…I would love to do another session with her…
If you are facing a transition and are open to some unconventional support, ask Carolyn for a consultation or just book a session with her pronto!”

–Anya Drapkin, myoasisforhealing.com

“Carolyn is amazingly gifted. I know her in many capacities but recently I was awed by my first personal ritual session  with her to address the sort of ritual trauma I face in my work and how to release it as well as the difficulty in doing that work as a single person without a lot of support.  Suffice it to say, within two weeks of meeting with her I was no longer a single person-which was kind of miraculous. She is brilliant, she is funny and she is a healer.”


“Thank you so much for creating such a genuine and powerful ritual with me (to grow my business)…I just got home from a networking event, my 8th – only this time I walked away with 5 leads. I went from 7 events and not one lead to this one event and 5 leads – that is some juicy, exciting and powerful magic. I am so delighted and excited.. I received 2 more referrals via email, and then a response to a story pitch I made back in December for my favorite storytelling podcast (Risk!) to record a version and send it in! Then a beautiful young woman artist reached out to me to be part of her creative cohort and to see how we can support each other. I’m overwhelmed with good news… Lighting my yellow candle in gratitude and awe…Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Carolyn on two significant rituals – each of which was a resounding success thanks to her inspiration, leadership, and wisdom.  She skillfully and patiently guided me through the entire process, assisted me with creating clear intentions, and helped me customize the rituals to suit my needs.  She facilitated with ease and grace, making both rituals meaningful and memorable.  She’s the real deal!”


“Carolyn has facilitated several key transitions in my life- finding and buying the right house, a house cleansing that transformed a space into a home, a “new to being single” ritual that helped me focus on what I want to bring into my life, and a recruitment of a wonderful employee for a key position at my work. I keep going back to her because it works.Carolyn has shown me that I can create the life I want through the power of my intentions. Having her as a guide and witness magnifies the magic and clarity of my wishes.”


“Carolyn Hunt is fabulous! Participating in a ritual with Carolyn is a blessing; she has the unique ability to create a spiritual environment which is both sacred and fun. Carolyn always articulates profound truths, and on many occasions she has helped me set a strong intention which later on has come to fruition.”



Community Rituals

“Thank you kindly.  I have never felt less of a burden being with a child.  It really felt like a momma village. What a welcoming and beautiful space.  Lo has been drumming and “Ma”-Ing today and asking for my tinctures on his forehead.”

–Blessings, Kristen

“You invoked such magic, such beauty, such wonder – creating the possibility for a world without violence on women and girls.  I loved witnessing how the ritual unfolded and seeing all the ways you brought together such diverse artists to co-create together…It’s too rare that ritual infuses with activism to create spiritual and grounded change.  Opening this campaign in the bay in this way is profound. ..I hope you are basking in the glow of the amazingness!”


“Thank you!!!! Many traditions believe it takes two years for children to fully inhabit this world — I cannot think of a more beautiful welcoming for (my daughter) Julia then last Sunday’s Ritual. We were all moved, transformed and changed. So many beautiful powerful women. Julia was so completely in her element — total love — hugging reaching out and connecting in a deep way. I realized I have been preparing to be Julia’s mother for a long time — thank you and all the others for assisting me in this sacred work. On a global level you were a magnificent Leader!!!!!!”